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Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar

Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar

Do you sometimes feel that your efforts – correct make-up removal, regular cleansing, application of serums and creams – are not met with perfect results? Your pores are clogged, you’re getting acne, your skin is grey-ish, wrinkles are deepening and the skin is sagging. The reason for this might be ineffective skin cleansing; the products you use cannot penetrate the skin and instead remain only on the surface.

To properly understand what is going on in our skin, let’s have a look at its structure and functions:

First and foremost, our skin has a protective function. It essentially acts as a living filter and protects us against harmful effects. That’s why it is almost impenetrable for most beauty products in regular use. Otherwise, our body would act as a sponge and soak up all the water from a nice relaxing bath 🙂

Our skin consists of three layers: 

Epidermis, Dermis (Corium) and Hypodermis (Subcutaneous tissue)

The outermost layer – Epidermis – is usually 1 mm thick (it is the thinnest around the eyes and on the lips, thickest on our back), and mostly consists of keratinised cells. It adds colour, texture and moisture to the skin. Its renewal takes around 4 weeks. This is the layer where most beauty products get stuck on in case of standard (i.e., manual) application. 

However, it is the Dermis layer that has a key impact on appearance. This layer mostly consists of collagen and elastin. As age progresses, the creation of collagen declines. Our task then is to continually support it by stimulating fibroblasts. This layer is where acne originates from.

The last layer is the Hypodermis, which consists of thin ligaments and fat.

To reach the most effective penetration of active substances, we have to make use of available technology. The multifunctional Reclar peeler, for example, combines several types of technologies which can improve our skin quality. The blade of the Reclar peeler is covered in 24 carat gold with a purity of 99.9 percent. Already ancient Egyptians knew about the positive effects of gold and often linked it to youth and beauty. Gold supports skin regeneration, flushes out toxins, increases blood microcirculation and oxidises the skin.

Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar 1

Functions of the Reclar hypoallergenic peeler 

The first and foremost function is water Peeling – ultrasonic skin cleansing – via so called shock waves. Shockwaves generated by the certified Reclar Peeler have a frequency of 28 to 30 kHz. Research suggests this frequency is the best for effective skin cleansing. (Higher frequencies didn’t appear to be any more effective, moreover, they can irritate and even blemish the skin.) These reach the epidermis, the outermost skin layer, and remove dead skin particles, thus increasing the effectiveness of beauty products such as tonics and serums. What’s more, they also reach into the dermis to deeply clean clogged pores and comedones. When using the peeling function, your skin should be continually moisturised by a wet cotton swab, and the peeler should be moved in a so called counter-gravity motion – essentially from bottom up and out. The frequency of use depends on your skin type.

G-Blue is another function – it combines two technologies, notably galvanic current and light therapy. Galvanic current penetrates all the skin layers, increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system which detoxifies the local area. The current in the G-Blue function is set to negative polarity and performs so-called desincrustation which loosens pores, removes comedones, dissolves excess sebum and softens the skin. This is combined with 400 – 570 nm* blue light (light therapy), which helps disinfect the skin and acts against acne and the propionibacteria which are responsible for the creation of acne. The improvement of acne scars is a welcome side effect. When using G-Blue, the skin should be treated with a water-based serum.

* The value of 400 – 470 nm for the blue light represents how deep into the skin the light can penetrate. RECLAR G-Blue is certified for 470 nm.

The G-Red function is, again, a combination of two technologies – galvanic current and light therapy. In this instance, the Galvanic current is set to a positive polarity, resulting in so-called Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis allows us to make better use of active substances for lifting and hydration. Their absorption becomes up to 10 times better than during normal application. The current penetrates all skin layers and supports the creation of collagen through the stimulation of fibroblasts. The 600 – 700 nm* Red light improves blood flow as well as the elasticity and overall condition of skin, removes wrinkles, helps heal damaged skin after injuries, shrinks pores and significantly increases collagen production. This function is particularly suitable for women who are suffering from a “tired face”. 

* The numerical value of 600 – 700 nm for the red light represents how deep the light penetrates into the skin – it has the greatest reach. RECLAR G-Red is certified for 635.5 nm.

Light therapy and penetration of skin layers:

Hypoallergenic peeler Reclar 2

It is necessary to use available technology in order to stimulate all skin layers and achieve the best results. Otherwise, the beauty products we use will just remain on the surface. Regular and long-term application is also important. Don’t forget that skin revitalisation takes 4 weeks. A lovely and smooth skin to us all!

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Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days

Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days

We’d like to introduce you to Michaela, a nurse who sent us pictures of her skin before and after using our RECLAR Peeler. And because she works at the ICU, she has to wear not only a respirator but also a face mask with a face shield when dealing with the more vulnerable patients. Besides all the usual stress factors, her skin is also affected by these aspects of her job. The results of using our RECLAR Peeler for a mere 12 days are really breathtaking, and so we decided to also share her experience with you.


Why did you buy RECLAR Peeler – what was your reason and what were your expectations?

Hello, I discovered your Peeler by pure chance. I had long wanted to take better care of my skin, but even regular visits to the beauty salon did not help. I had always fought with skin issues and the current “face mask age” continues to take a toll. Our skin cannot breathe under the respirator, it steams up, gets irritated, porous and all in all tired. I carefully read through the reviews, recommendations for proper use and general satisfaction with your products, and then decided to give it a try. I expected my skin to get cleaner, my pores to get smaller, my skin tone to get unified. Wrinkle care was a pleasant bonus for me.

How long have you been using RECLAR?

I’ve been using your Peeler for a month.

What has changed in that time?

I dare say that my skin got better straight after the first full use. The pores shrunk and the skin got brighter. One of the foundations for a healthy skin is the use of high-quality cosmetic products that get worked into the skin by the Galvanic Peeler, which enhances their effects. I alternate between that and RECLAR serum. And the results?

Well, I think the BEFORE/AFTER photos speak for themselves.

Experience of one of you: Results of using RECLAR Peeler for 12 days 3

How often do you use the individual features of the RECLAR Peeler?

I use ultra-sound peeling twice a week because, as is common for deep skin cleaning, it dries up the skin a bit. I compensate for that with other features of the peeler which, together with the serum, nourish the skin.

I use Blue light therapy every day after removing my make-up and cleaning my skin. I use Red light therapy every evening to help process my night creams.

Would you recommend RECLAR to your friends?

I would recommend the Galvanic Peeler to everyone who’s having skin issues. Despite the higher price, the investment really pays off. You can take professional care of your skin from the comfort of your home which, especially in today’s age, is a great advantage.

Is RECLAR Peeler replaceable for you?

RECLAR Peeler is unique in its interconnected features. Together, they form a perfect harmony for your skin. There is a number of other similar products designed to take care of your skin. I have, however, already chosen mine and I know I will not be replacing it; I am really satisfied with it.

Do you have any personal Beauty ritual you would like to share with our readers? 🙂

It may sound silly, but Ii created my first Beauty ritual with your Peeler.

In any case, I think every woman likes to have a grand BEAUTY DAY from time to time, be it with a foam-filled bath tub, a perfect manicure, face masks which – by the way – make us incredibly sexy, or anything else. It is important to keep that in mind and make some time for ourselves.

Every woman is beautiful, every woman is unique and every woman deserves time for herself. ❤️

Thank you for the interview

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Regular and thorough hydration is the key to natural beauty.

For me, skin hydration is the connection between inner and outer care and should definitely not be underestimated. Regular and thorough hydration is the key to natural beauty.

A person’s skin says a lot about them, and it is necessary to care for it thoroughly, especially hydration! As our skin ages and is exposed to negative effects such as tanning, various lifestyle choices, sleep deprivation, stress, dry air, etc., it stops producing sufficient amounts of natural oil. Subsequently, it loses the ability to retain water. A consequence of this is wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness, a rough surface, and the overall appearance is similar to that of a dry plum… And because we are constantly exposed to these negative factors which cause a lack of hydration in our skin, we should actively seek to control and increase hydration.

The skin’s state is reflected by a proper lifestyle and a sufficient supply of fluids, so regular drinking and proper nutrition are absolutely necessary in the pursuit of beautiful skin. I found oils (olive, argan, macadamia, coconut, evening primrose, jojoba, etc.) to be most helpful. Their use helps nourish the skin inside and out. Another delicacy that satisfies my taste buds, heavily hydrates, and bids wrinkles farewell is avocado.
My personal favourite for external use is shea butter. It has strong regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects. It is often used to heal skin diseases, acne and wounds. The advantage is that after application, it quickly absorbs and it hydrates for a long time. Another miracle for skincare is Aloe Vera. Juice from this rare plant has magical effects on the skin. It evens and softens the skin. Whether its task is to heal acne, wrinkles or scars, Aloe Vera is always a crucial item in my fridge.
Here I have introduced natural helpers for skincare which I personally use. Now, let’s get into all the miracles in precious bottles such as hydration serums, creams and masks which promise only the best for our skin.

Hydration products help create a barrier between our skin and the environment and thus stop the influence of harmful substances. Hydration creams do not only hydrate your skin, but they also have other effects. They create a protective film on the skin, are absorbed into the skin amongst the epidermis cells where they prevent water from escaping the skin and thus reduce skin dryness. Serums are also very effective and have a perfectly balanced content of hydrating and active substances. If you wish to provide your skin with higher hydration levels and nourishment, I would recommend using a face mask. Our skin needs moisturising and hydration regardless of our age and skin type.

SKIN HYDRATION 4For correct hydration and protection of your skin throughout the day, I found the ionising spray ION Mist with the Camellia essence to be the most helpful. It protects the skin not only against negative influences, but also deeply hydrates, and its usage has become an integral part of my daily routine and an ideal supplement to skincare. It also works brilliantly as a make-up fixer without damaging it. I could sing songs about the magnificent smell of the Camellia essential water and the nourishing substances which brighten your skin.

Skin hydration definitely has rules that are good to know, because the truth is that every woman longs for flawless and beautiful skin, but unfortunately not all care for their skin as it truly deserves as they age. . Everything is all about discipline and regularity… After a couple of gym visits, you won’t have a six-pack either, right?

SKIN HYDRATION 5It is pleasant to make a ritual for skincare. Then, you can look forward to it each day. To make this ritual as effective and pleasant as possible, I recommend incorporating into it the RECLAR peeler. It has become an integral part of my skincare routine. With its blue and red – light therapy, the RECLAR peeler takes care of deep absorption of all the precious serums, creams and masks or those natural oils or butters. It maximises the effects of these hydrating miracles.

I can also heartily recommend visits to a beauty parlour and dermatology clinic. Pay attention, however, because nowadays, there are plenty of beneficial products but also harmful ones, so seek an experts’ advice about what is best for your skin.

To give you my most valuable advice, I do not need to be an expert…
BALANCE is the key to success.

The author of this article is Vilma Baum, professional make-up artist and lecturer at Make-up Institute Prague.

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MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids?

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids?

RECLAR is a hypoallergenic galvanic peeler offering various “modern” technologies for your own home usage. It provides ultrasound skin cleaning, galvanisation and also blue and red LED light therapy.

It sounds perfectly engineered. Is it safe for home use?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is ultrasound skin cleaning? It’s a skin cleansing procedure which uses the help of a special device which emits ultrasound waves and high-frequency vibrations to remove dead cells and to rejuvenate the upper layer of the skin.

In other words, it’s a form of mechanical peeling which affects the first three layers of the skin. It’s recognised by professionals as one of the finest ways to treat the face. It helps to:

  • Significantly improve acne
  • Deeply clean clogged pores
  • Delicately soften the skin surface and thus smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve skin haemodynamics and metabolism
  • Provide deep hydration and lifting

As is commonly known, ultrasound has been safely used in medical diagnostics for a long time. For home usage, it is vitally important to use only high-quality devices that meet strict quality certifications, which RECLAR does.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 6

Ultrasound cleaning is in essence suitable for any age or skin type. There are, however, exceptions such as with skin diseases in which case, consider consulting your dermatologist regarding using the peeler.

RECLAR is predominantly effective for use on clogged pores. With regular usage, it will beautifully cleanse your skin, reduce the number of clogged pores, improve skin quality and thus extend the period between professional treatments in a salon.


  • Acne
  • Scars and pigment spots after acne
  • Enlargedpores
  • “Tired” skin
  • Skin with signs of ageing
  • And more :o)


  • Pacemaker
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Cardiovascular and oncological diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Psoriasis or other chronic skin diseases
  • Couperose

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 7

A few words about the complexity of light therapy

LED therapy – Light-emitting diode therapy (light therapy) is a popular, non-invasive treatment of skin with acne, skin damaged by sun or with other skin diseases. It is possible to undergo this therapy in a dermatological office, beauty parlour or there is the possibility to use the device at home.

The treatment uses varying light wavelengths to induce natural skin healing processes. For results to be visible, multiple treatments are necessary.

Blue light lowers the activity of sebaceous glands and thus lowers the occurrence of acne. It can also destroy bacteria on the skin’s surface that cause inflammation (Propionibacterium acnes).

Red light reduces inflammation, improves signs of ageing and scar condition by affecting skin cells – fibroblasts – responsible for collagen production.

What is collagen good for? It’s a protein in the skin that plays a vital role in healing. With age, its production is reduced and the skin becomes weakened. And so, it is important to support its production, for example, with the use of the red light.

LED light therapy can help heal a plethora of skin disorders such as:

  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Dull skin
  • Wound healing and inflammation

One of the main advantages of LED light therapy is its safety. According to research, it has a brilliant safety profile. It does not produce UV rays and as such is suitable for regular use. It doesn’t cause burns and the treatment is suitable for all skin types.

How to use?

The peeler is used on previously cleansed skin which should be left sufficiently damp. If needed, the skin can be moistened with a mineral water spray or wet make up pad with which we rub the skin.

We can use cosmetics with active substances such as salicylic or glycolic acid to clean the skin, but these substances are not suitable to apply to the skin as they can irritate it. If we want to lower the risk of irritation, I would opt for gentler substances such as Cetaphil, Cerave or Tolerianne by La Roche Posay.

The RECLAR peeler has a very informative manual so I won’t mention it here.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 8

We feel when our skin is dry and taut after usage. Reddening doesn’t usually occur. After use, the skin is ready for a facial mask according to skin type or current need. It doesn’t matter what brand of cosmetics you use because RECLAR will help you achieve a better result and care to get the most from your skincare routine.

To improve and cleanse the skin, RECLAR and the galvanisation process promotes the absorption of active substances from the serums and creams we use. After some time of regular usage, the need for exfoliation is reduced, but galvanisation and light therapy can be safely used daily. My favourite products – masks and serums, which can be used with RECLAR peeler, are described below.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 9

Hydrating, calming and vitamin by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND.

Using a hydrating serum is also suitable; it depends on your skin type and preference about what you currently need.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 10

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 11

Advantages of RECLAR peeler when used with retinoids

I also use retinoids in my skincare routine, specifically one of the most effective forms of retinoids, tretinoin as a gel with 0.025% concentration. Tretinoin as an active substance was initially used for treating acne. With time, it was discovered that patients had not only better acne but also “smoothed” wrinkles, firmer skin and brighter pigment spots.

It sounds like a miracle which made tretinoin into one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. For regular usage, I would opt for a more accessible form – Retinol or Retinaldehyde.

The peeler assists with exfoliation generated by retinoids

I wouldn’t use the RECLAR peeler for treatment given the strength of retinoids and their ability to irritate. It can manage superbly??? the subsequent extensive skin-stripping which is initially caused by retinoids.

You can fight this in many ways, for example with different peeling types – cream, lotionswith enzymes or with fine grains, but I don’t recommend those in this instance. For me, RECLAR fought the excessive skin-stripping brilliantly. I wasn’t irritated as the peeler is very fine. It is necessary to use it gently and not apply too much pressure.

Using RECLAR at home has proven great for me and I will be using it for a very long time. I believe it will find a place in your home as well and the investment is paid off by more beautiful and finer skin.

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 12

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 13

MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 14


MUDr. Katarina Bieleszova: How does the RECLAR peeler work along with retinoids? 15My name is Katarína Bieleszová, I studied general medicine and I specialise in rehabilitation medicine. My original focus and life-long fascination has been dermatology which I pursue in my free time.

I am now glad to finally have a broader knowledge of skincare and especially in how we can help ourselves at home and get our skin to a higher level?? Not sure if this is suitable here?

I had long been searching for a device for effective but gentle exfoliation. RECLAR peeler has certainly met my expectations.